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About us

TECHNOVISION is a leading KUWAITI software house and solutions provider. We provide services in the area of design, development, implementation, and maintenance of software applications and complex information systems and specialized in E-commerce filed. 

Our goal is to provide the very best in service and support for our customers in the area of information technology, which will substantially contribute to their growth and long-term prosperity, We fulfill this through our unique approach to information technologies, We make all our products and services accessible and understandable for the end user, We do not concentrate solely on the technology but design our solutions in a way that makes them accessible to people and thereby results in a real contribution to effective company management, We have based our sales strategy on three fundamental principles - people, knowledge, and technology.

Our team of more than 40 highly qualified and determined professionals is best characterized by their creativity, knowledge, and ability and willingness to communicate with the customer. The key to our success has been our commitment to hiring the very best professionals in the IT field and committing to keeping their skills up to date through constant training, education, and certification programs. Our customers benefit not only from our team extensive knowledge of modern information technology, but also from their exceptional understanding of the unique requirements put on businesses in their respective economic sectors, such as insurance, banking, consulting, trade, and media.

We recognize that it is our collective knowledge that helps to create customer success; knowledge of their industries and specific challenges, knowledge of information technology and its applications, and the knowledge of the people and specialists in our company. Therefore we are committed to developing that knowledge, and nurturing it as a key company asset. We use modern tools for storing and managing the knowledge of our staff. We combine the acquired knowledge of modern technologies and the understanding of our customer business to help them achieve their goals.

We are committed to work with the latest proven technologies, Our customers benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of the latest development tools and technologies, During the implementation of new technologies, we are always mindful to recommend the right solution for the individual situation, Our specialists command an expert knowledge of all the latest tools from; Microsoft (.NET architecture, XML/BizTalk, COM+/DCOM/COM, MS VC++, VISUAL BASIC, MS SQL, MS Exchange, ASPs, Windows platform) and Oracle. We utilize only the technologies of worldwide IT leaders. Thus our customers can be assured of the continued future development and forward compatibility of the technologies and solutions they use. 
The result of this well-balanced combination of people, knowledge, and technology, is the very best in software solutions and services, adapted to the customer needs. Our services and solutions help our customers to react quickly to business opportunities, allowing them to bring their products and services to the market before the competition, and to maximize the long-term business value of their investment into information technology.

We offer:

·        Customized Business Solutions ( insurance, banking, trade, services, media, hospitals, Real Estate, E-companying...etc )

·         Knowledge Management Solutions.

·         Modern e-business Solutions (B2B, B2C, and B2E, web services)

In order to keep pace in the constantly involving information technologies industry, it is essential to establish and maintain partnerships with the people and companies that drive the industry forward. It is our commitment to cooperating with the world IT leaders that gives our customers the opportunity and advantage of using the most current industry leading technology in the best possible way. We are looking forward to make our company a partner for all recognized world leaders in IT. And this all is to give the best Consulting Services on projects for our customers.

TECHNOVISION is also an owner and operator of successful on-line shops(SooQ8.com, Wardq8.com) and an online payment gateway. We are also active in the field of multimedia, where we have created many advertisements, commercials, video productions, and television programs as well as the publishing of presentations, and electronic interactive catalogues on CD ROM for our customers.