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Our services

Techno-Vision Company produces all applications and programmers related to IT and in addition to the newest- related to technology world supporting life fields whatever practical, commercial, educational and so on.

Our services are divided into four main branches: programming applications, electronic applications, multi- media applications, and finally manual and intellectual applications. These four divisions are based upon covering Kuwait, Arab and International markets' needs of different Information and Multi-Tasks Technology.

First Division: Programming Applications Service

The company is designing, programming, analyzing and producing new applications for different fields using the most famous programs and programming languages like ORACLE, ACCESS, and SQL SERVER in implementation of the applications. Also, the company uses the strong and the new MICROSOFT, NET, VISUAL BASIC 6.0 in supporting data bases and application foundation.

Second Division: Electronic Applications Service

Techno-Vision Company are designing, programming and reserving web sites. Moreover, the company is supporting all the web-related applications. Company's cadre is able to achieve high results concerning electronic design and programming. Keeping in consideration that all the new programmes, which are used in the company, are designed for web. As we use all web language such as HTML, PHP, ASP, NET, JAVASCRIPT, and the newest design programmes and multi-media support such as MACROMEDIA, SWISH, DREAMWEAVER, FRONTPAGE, PHOTOSHOP, FLASH.

Third Division: Multimedia Applications Service

This is to cover a large sector of the various new programming, especially computer education- related programmes producing the new educational programmes, animated cartoon, compacted disks (CDs), graphics, its associations, foundations, and companies' power points.

Fourth Division: Manual and Intellectual Applications

It is consultations and training division. The company is holding professional programming-related courses, electronic applications, and multimedia and so on professionally and deeply. In addition, Techno-Vision provides networks solution for building, cabling, equipping and preparing the big and the small networks.